Wild Horse Eye


Look into the eye of a wild horse stallion

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Look into the eye of a wild horse

The Missouri Wild Horse League was formed in 1992 to protect and maintain a small band of wild horses, approximately 20, which roam the lands surrounding the Current and Jack’s Fork Rivers in Shannon County, Missouri.  The horses have been running free for over 100 years.  These horses are believed to have originated mainly from domestic animals that were freed during the Depression years due to the inability of the farmers to feed them.  The national Park Service considers these horses feral animals and decided, in 1991, that they should no longer be allowed to roam freely on federal lands.

In Late 1994 Congressman Bill Emerson became personally involved in trying to protect the small band of horses.  He sponsored a bill, which eventually became a law; to make the herd of horses a permanent part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.  The bill was signed into law by then President Bill Clinton on October 3, 1996.  With the involvement of Congressman Emerson came the attention of Senators Kit Bond and John Ashcroft.  These gentlemen were ultimately the saviors of this band of horses.

In 1997 The Missouri Wild Horse League began cleaning up the fields specified in the bill and are working successfully today with the National Park Service on other issues as well.  The horses are in good condition and number approximately 35 at the current time

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