Beauty That Grabs the Heart!

Nature photography is at its best when it not only grabs your eyes, but your heart as well. Martin Spilker takes his love of nature and shares that love through stunning photographs that capture all the beauty nature offers. Enjoy browsing through the website, where you will learn more about Martin Spilker and his love for photographing nature. Be sure to check out the Gallery, where you will find more than 200 photos for your enjoyment, including photos of striking flowers, majestic mountains, peaceful beaches, bubbling streams, stalwart lighthouses, delightful wildlife, charming windmills and more.

For 20 years, Martin Spilker has explored the world of professional nature photography, sharing his photos with others. Not only can you enjoy browsing through Martin’s photos, but you can also purchase his stunning nature prints in various sizes. All prints are frame ready, so you can have prints framed quickly so you can begin displaying and enjoying them. Nature prints offer a beautiful addition to any home and can add a focal point to businesses as well.

While many of the photos show off the beauty of Martin’s native Missouri, you’ll also find magnificent photos from all around the United States, including a stunning sunset scene on Abiquiu Lake in New Mexico, a photo of a picturesque barn in the lovely countryside of Vermont and an awe-inspiring mountain view in Beck with Pass, Colorado. Be sure to check out some of his most popular nature photos, including the Snow Tiger, Aspen Bark and the Texas Blue Bonnet.

Affordable prices make it possible for anyone to bring nature or black & white photography into their home or business. Take some time to look around, learn more about Martin Spilker and most of all, take a moment to enjoy the incredible beauty of creation, which gives each of us a glimpse of our Creator.