Martin Spilker focuses on nature photography, using the beauty of creation to inspire his imagination as he takes photos. With nature as his muse, his photos feature many different subjects, from beautiful wildlife photos of stunning creatures to the intricate beauty that flowers offer the world. His photography also includes other subjects in nature, such as beaches, streams, trees, mountains, sunsets and more. He occasionally photographs buildings as well, such as lighthouses, windmills and barns. However, even when photographing buildings, his photography focuses on the nature surrounding the buildings.

As Martin chooses the scenes he wants to capture in nature, he looks specifically for scenes that offer a sense of peacefulness, striving for photos that will install a sense of peace in viewers. His photos also work to show off the incredible beauty of creation and every photo is designed to show the glory of nature’s creator as well. He works to ensure that every photograph brings enjoyment to viewers as they gaze at the photo.

A look at Martin’s photography shows that his native Missouri is often captured in his lens. Born and raised in Missouri, he enjoys showing the world all the beauty that the state has to offer. However, beyond his photography of his beloved state, he also enjoy photographing beautiful nature scenes across the country, from the beautiful shores of Maine to the sunny beaches of California.

Although Martin is a self-taught photographer, he has spent 20 years involved in professional nature photography and he has a unique sense of perspective that shows through in every photo that he takes. Martin refers to photography and the chance to reflect the glory of his creator as his calling, and that calling is seen in each nature photo, from his popular Snow Tiger photo the beautifully captured photo of Twin Falls. Whether in Color or Black & White, Martin’s photography captures the true essence of the world’s wildlife and surroundings.